Company Name:

Opciones Legales Inmobiliarias

Opciones Legales Inmobiliarias is a company created by a group of Law professionals, realizing the needs that arise in the real estate field create a company whose objective is to provide prevention against legal controversies or providing a solution in the event of a conflict within the real estate operation being performed.

Our team of lawyers has provided services for various companies engaged in the real estate business, as well as internal and external advisors, and putting together the experience accumulated in each of the areas of specialization (contractual civil law, land law, tax law, amongst others), shape the company offering legal advisory service specializing in real estate transactions.

Company Mission statement:
Our mission is to provide quality to our customers, warranty in our services, in the same way cover their legal necessities and their expectations from our job.

Some of Our Services: Legal advice, elaboration of legal documents, regulate properties before land property offices and registry, deed regularization, strategies to regulate Ejido properties, legal advice in real estate negotiations, advice in closings, taxes advice