Company Name:

Medassist Hospital

Company Description: We are a Private Full Service Hospital open 24/7 since 1990. Medassist offers you some of the best medical infrastructure in the city, including: Laboratory testing, X ray, Tomography, ER Doctors, Intensive Care Units, OR, Hospitalization Suites, Ambulances, and other services such as Insurance Offices, PR department, Nutrition Department, etc. All these services are have been designed with JUST ONE IDEA in mind, your WELLNESS. Besides our Infrastructure, Medassist offers a compassionate Staff ready to give you warm service with all your medical needs.

Company Mission Statement: Our Mission is to offer every day of the year a high quality service in healthcare related needs. Based in PATIENT’S SAFETY we are improving all hospital areas, medical equipment, and our highly qualified and committed staff.

Personal Bio.: PR Department in Medasist was recently created. We found that the foreign community in PV has a lot of doubts and concerns regarding medical related needs. I have worked in customer service for over 10 years in 3 different companies including Medasist, for that reason we know the importance of being in contact with our community, especially in healthcare matters. Our goal is make you feel at home when you need any medical service.

Important Additional Information: The senior owner of Medassist is also the owner of LPCV and DIV, the biggest companies focused on laboratory and diagnosis services in the city. These brother brands are in almost all the big hospitals in PV.