Company Name:

Marcelo Mico Pilates and Education

Company Description: Offering education to Pilates Professionals and Pilates Classes to the public.

Company Mission Statement: The Pilates Method is much more than a series of exercises: It is a way of life, a door to enter our amazing inner world. By aligning and balancing mind, body and spirit to the rhythm of your breathing, flowing from your center, you detoxify with movement and will enter increasingly deeper levels of self-awareness and control.

The goal of our studies is open to those who are not content to just move through life, but those who want to move correctly and create real and positive change.

Trust your essence and surrender to the Pilates method: It is the best investment in your own health known today. Since we are complex human beings, in our study the changes are made taking into account all possible areas for transformation that is real and permanent. There is no miracle pill that know how to breathe, walk, and learn to know our limitations, “love is power, power is loving.”

Personal Bio: Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Marcelo Micó is Professor of Physical Education and a professional dancer. He is a Certified Pilates Teacher and International Representative of Latin America for the All- American Pilates Certification. With more than 20 specializations in the field of health and movement, Marcelo Micó believes in intelligent fitness. With his studies in Argentina, Brazil and the United States; Marcelo has the professionalism, experience and knowledge to offer unparalleled fitness classes, using his own methods developed from years of experience.

Marcelo directed several gyms and dance studios in Argentina and Mexico, serving worldwide customers with various needs. Since 1994 he has devoted himself exclusively to the Pilates Method and the effects it causes in people. Over the years he has attended to serious and minor injuries in children and adults, including pregnant women using the movement for therapeutic purposes. Marcelo develops a specific routine for each client’s needs.

Marcelo was the director and producer of the program Smart Body Studio, Fitness in Puerto Vallarta, the first Pilates studio opened in Mexico. Marcelo currently teaches courses to health professionals about the movement in Mexico and Argentina. International athletes have sought out his high-level physical training experience. Rehabilitation and postural therapy along with motor impairments are worked on through the aquatic environment or in his Studio.

Moving to flow is the starting point of the philosophy of all the activities that the teacher Marcelo Micó handles for both children and adults. Dancing and laughter are the agents that connect people with the essence of life giving space to the happiness designed to be a yours.

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