Company Name:

Applegate Realtors

Real Estate Services for Sales and Luxury Rentals

Company Mission Statement:

Applegate Realtors provides excellent real estate services to make necessary business transactions as seamless  as possible to achieve a pleasant experience to all our clients who are looking to own their dream home in the bay.

Personal Bio: 

We have achieved a well-deserved place in the market since 1967, when Bernardo and Teresa Applegate founded Puerto Vallarta’s luxury residential real estate market back when it was the first company to offer professional realty services in the region to both foreigners and Mexican nationals.

Applegate Realtors is always committed to have an effective processes when buying real estate in the Bahia Banderas area.

The prestige we enjoy today is due to more than 50 years of knowledge and insight. Today, we’re proud to have third-generation clients as part of the Applegate family.